The Five Freedoms

1. Freedom from hunger and thirst.
2. Freedom from discomfort.
3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease.
4. Freedom to express normal behaviour.
5. Freedom from fear and distress.

Bulawayo SPCA upholds these five freedoms of animal welfare.

Adoption Guidelines

Dogs to be re-homed may not be used for:

  • Guard dogs
  • Hunting dogs
  • Organised fighting dogs
  • Puppy milling
Animals must not be left to fend for themselves by sourcing their own food.

Phone calls are the fastest way to report animals in need of help:

  • INSPECTOR EMMERSON SHURO 0712 307 272 or 0773 575 869
  • BERRY OOSTHUIZEN 773 807 188
  • MOSES 773 409 087
  • KENNELS NOS. 66578 or 66593 and THEMBI 0773 557 977

To speed up a rescue operation and re-uniting with owners, include the following:
1) Colouring, size and sex of dog if possible.
2) Accurate address or familiar landmark.

Reports are always kept confidential.



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Bulawayo SPCA main building

The Bulawayo SPCA in Zimbabwe was first initiated in 1954 with a piece of land being donated by the Bulawayo City Council for the purpose of constructing kennels to house dogs and cats, and an office block for administration.

Bulawayo SPCA Clinic


Construction of the office block and kennels began in 1956, and in 1983 the clinic was built to help the lower income group with vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and other medical procedures. The clinic has one qualified veterinarian and two veterinary nurses, and there are 27 kennels reserved for clinic treatment.


Quarantine kennels

The current SPCA buildings comprise 24 kennels for re-homing dogs, 12 quarantine kennels mainly for new dogs brought in to be checked over medically and to be held for 10 days before re-homing. Sometimes dogs escape from their property and are picked up by members of the public – so the 10 days gives owners a chance to reclaim their pets.

Investigation kennels

There are also 7 kennels for dogs under investigation – this is where abused dogs have been brought in and their circumstances are being investigated before re-homing can take place. We also offer a boarding facility, though on a very small scale and only have 5 designated for that purpose. The cattery has 27 kennels for kitties.


The SPCA is a registered welfare organisation and therefore non-profit making, as per the global RSPCA constitution. Under previous regimes we were listed in the national budget and received an annual grant from the government. Sadly this no longer applies and the SPCA relies entirely on donations, legacies and kennels sponsorship from the public. Consequently our fundraising programme is constantly on the go and of paramount importance in keeping all aspects of the kennels functioning.


As a welfare organisation we are not supposed to pay rates or taxes but again this is no longer the case although we are given an annual rebate towards this expense from the local council.

Bulawayo SPCA Needs Your Help!

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