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Donate to Bulawayo SPCA to help us improve the lives of the unfortunate animals in the city!

Many of you are aware that the Zimbabwe economy is in dire straits, which has greatly affected the Bulawayo SPCA. Our running costs are huge and we are struggling to make payments. As well as covering the City of Bulawayo, we now have to cover the whole of Matabeleland, including the rural areas, as the ZNSPCA is no longer able to cover them. It is the SPCA’s policy to never turn away an animal that needs treatment, even if the owner cannot afford to pay. Our Inspectors each respond to, and investigate, an average of 40 cases of cruelty per month.

We appeal to all animals lovers, far and wide, to donate to this worthy cause. Any amount, big or small, will help keep our doors open and help those who cannot help themselves! Donate in confidence, knowing your information is secured through Paypal.

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