cold dog with coffee

Is your pet suffering from the cold?

❄️❄️❄️Winter is slowly creeping up upon us again this year. ❄️❄️❄️ Please be aware of the following signs that your pets may be starting to feel the cold too, especially if they sleep outside. Symptoms to watch for: Hesitance to go outside Shivering Weakness Searching for warmth Whining in dogs Slowing

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locate ticks on pets

Find Ticks Hiding on Your Pets

Please take note of these specific places that ticks like to hide when washing, grooming or playing with your pets. These common places are relevant to both cats and dogs. Under the collar:  Make sure to remove your pet’s collar from time to time and inspect for ticks. “Private” Areas:

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sad dog happy after adoption

Before and After Adoption

Before and after pictures of animals that were adopted from the SPCA in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The difference in their character, condition and eyes (smiles) says so much. Please always consider adoption. ‘You can make the difference in an animal’s life!’ Check back on this website for more information on these

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Unusual Pet Names

A recent post on the Bulawayo SPCA Facebook page asked visitors to list their unusual pet names in the comments. Below are responses from some of the over 50 people who shared their pet names. Cats Black Jack – Black tail-less cat who looks like a black Jack Russell Bug

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