locate ticks on pets

Find Ticks Hiding on Your Pets

Please take note of these specific places that ticks like to hide when washing, grooming or playing with your pets. These common places are relevant to both cats and dogs.

  1. Under the collar:  Make sure to remove your pet’s collar from time to time and inspect for ticks.
  2. “Private” Areas: Areas near your pet’s genitals and perianal area bend to stay warm, making them a popular spot for ticks to latch on.
  3. Inside Ears.: All the little crevices inside an ear make it a popular spot for ticks to hang out.
  4. Between toes: Spots between toes are cozy and not easy to see – making it a perfect place for a tick to set up camp.
  5. Near Eyelids: Is it a skin tag or a tick around your pet’s eyes? It can be tricky to tell, which is why around the eyes is one place ticks to unnoticed. If you’re not sure, it’s best to consult your veterinarian.

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