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Ridgeback Success Story

sad dogThis is the story of two Ridgeback crosses, brother and sister, Blue and Sadie. They were adopted last year in June by a lady called Vanessa B, who lives on a farm in southern Matabeleland, Zimbabwe. She has been a top supporter of the SPCA, adopting animals from all over the country.

Vanessa fell in love with Sadie’s picture on the Bulawayo SPCA Facebook page and immediately asked Berry if she could adopt her. dog smiling

She was going to encourage her son the take Blue but ended up falling in love with him, too. So she took both after Berry had approved the adoption.

dog on porchIt took the dogs about two weeks to get settled, as most of these rescue dogs do, but once they were settled they fitted right in.

They enjoy swimming in the dam, enjoying all the loves and even sneaking a nap or two on Vanessa bed.dogs asleep

She really understood what they needed, and for them to be adopted together and have a safe forever home together is just priceless.

dogs runningBe part of the success! You can help, too, by adopting animals from the SPCA.

For readers outside Africa, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog of southern Africa, whose origins can be traced to the semi-domesticated, ridged hunting dogs of the Khoikhoi (a San people) crossed with European dogs. 

Blue and Sadie were at the SPCA for seven months before being adopted. Help the SPCA take care of such wonderful animals!

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