What really happens to animals at SPCA?

We would like reassure the Bulawayo community that we are still taking in any stray animals that may be found on our streets, even during this lock down. Or if you are unable to care for your pet in these hard times, we are also happy to take the animal in to help try find them another home that is able to care for them.

We would also like to clarify exactly what happens when an animal is brought to the SPCA.

  • The animal is documented, as well as any details the good Samaritan may have about the animal/s.
  • Our vet will then assess the animal to make sure that the animal is not suffering from an injury or disease that may be treated.
  • The animal is then housed in their own kennel/ cattery with blankets, food and water.
  • We give the public a 10 day period to come identify and collect any animals that may belong to them. (Rumours have said otherwise.)
  • If the animal is not claimed, they then go up for adoption to the public.
  • We DO NOT put any domesticated, healthy animals down within 24 hours.
  • There are cases whereby we are forced to put the animal down. Examples would be animals suffering from rabies or feral (wild) cats as it stresses them out to be in a cage.

Please feel free to phone the SPCA kennels directly on 66578 or 66593 if you have heard any information that you may be unsure about.

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