Thank You for the Donations!

With the COVID-19 lockdown, all our fundraisers have been cancelled, and we are relying solely on donations to keep going and feed the animals. Thanks to all of you who have helped in this time of need. We are so very grateful for any assistance, as times just seem to be getting tougher and tougher.

We  especially want to thank to following:

A very warm Thank You to Victor Bravo at Belmont Meats for his generous donation of pets mince and bags of Catmor for the animals at the SPCA. Your kindness is so much appreciated.


A very Big Thank You to Lana and Barry Weber for their kind donation of pets mince for the animals here at the SPCA. Doreen Biffen has also made a donation of dog food, and Colcom has donated pet food. Your generosity is so greatly appreciated.

A massive Thank You to Helen Barlow and all the generous animal lovers of Bulawayo for the warm blankets that they have donated for the animals here at the SPCA. Your love and support is so much appreciated.

Last but not least, a huge thank you to everyone who has donated cash! 

The continued support during these difficult times by everyone in the community is helping keep these animals alive and healthy. 🐾

Want to help out? Send a donation!

In Zimbabwe, you can send Eco-cash to either of these:
*151*2*2*123410* Amount#

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  1. BSPCA 3 months ago October 25, 2020

    See the Facebook page for all the recent thank yous for donations! They are coming in too quickly to keep this page updated.

    Thanks to all!


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