Transmissable Venereal Tumor or TVT

Transmissable Venereal Tumor or TVT is transmitted from dog to dog during mating. The tumor cells are themselves the infectious agents. Spay/neuter your animals to prevent them contracting the condition.

From the Harare SPCA comes the story of Barky, an unneutered male with TVT. His story was posted time back on Facebook. The owner living in a rural area in the Lowveldt, far from any vet, pleaded for help on the Harare SPCA FB inbox. Through an incredible group of volunteers transport was arranged from the rural area to a tar road where a long distance truck driver agreed to bring Barky to Harare. Commuters refused to allow his owner to take him on a minibus as he was covered in open cancer lesions, including his eyes and was dripping blood.

Barky arrived in Harare at 11pm. 2 lady volunteers rushed to collect him at a trucks stop and took him to the 24 hr vet where , very generously he was treated and cared for for free for 6 weeks. Barky then spent another lengthy period of time at the Harare SPCA awaiting transport back to the Lowveldt. We still get photos and updates from his owner. This is one lucky boy.

Many that arrive at the SPCA with TVT are part of packs of roaming dogs that are on the streets following bitches in heat. Reports are received daily of dogs injured in fights because they are not sterilized and their owners do not keep them on their properties.The life span of these dogs is very short for multiple reasons , the main ones being the spread of parvo , distemper and RABIES. TVT. Road traffic accidents. Starvation and illess.


TVT tumors can be very gruesome to look at, and we have not included graphic images in this post. These tumors often affect a dog’s eyes and face.  To see more images of Barky’s condition, visit this Facebook post.

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