Unusual Pet Names

A recent post on the Bulawayo SPCA Facebook page asked visitors to list their unusual pet names in the comments. Below are responses from some of the over 50 people who shared their pet names.


  • Black Jack – Black tail-less cat who looks like a black Jack Russell
  • Bug
  • Chicken – Black and white cat… Teaching our 2 year old child animals with flashcards got quite interesting when she pointed at the cat pic for the word “chicken.”
  • Coffee
  • Crackers
  • Gizmerelda
  • Grootie – She was black n brown… Sweetheart that one….
  • Kiana aka Kiki
  • Kwashiorkor – She has a distended stomach
  • Lappies
  • Le Shat L’Orange – Orange cat who craps everywhere
  • Loki
  • Macheesmo – Alley cat, full of mischief!
  • Ozzy
  • Painkiller – A stray ginger kitten from Ollys supermarket. He was a fantastic cat he went everywhere with us.
  • Pisswiss – Stray kitten
  • Poison
  • Poopalina – A cat I named in Greece
  • Pumpkin
  • Salem – Black long furred cat
  • Shiksa – Black cat
  • Sparkplug – A pavement special stray, we rescued from under our car, tried to climb into the engine compartment..
  • Two-face – Her face was two different colours!
  • U Shaka Zulu – A fearless Feral rescue. Soooo beautiful
  • Vlekkie
  • ZHINZHI – A baby we found on the road


  • Aeroplane – Ridgeback
  • Biggles
  • Bumi
  • Doughnut – Jack Russell
  • Dusty
  • Lemon – Crossed eyed Daxie
  • Lucky Brown Dog – She was emaciated and has only three feet
  • Luna
  • Piwi – Jack Russell
  • Punky – Rough collie
  • Shumba Riot – Jack Russell cross. He’s literally a riot.
  • Stoonks – Jack Russell
  • T Bone – Jack Russell
  • Zeus – German Shepherd, beautiful boy but most powerful!


  • Reuben


  • Dinner – My parents were convinced the dogs would get him! I’m happy to report he died of old age.

Thanks to all of you who shared! Feel free to add your own pet names in the comments here, or let us know which of these you find most unusual.

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  1. Kay 1 year ago January 9, 2020

    Dinner!! That’s a good one.


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